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Money shouldn't be the obstacle that keeps you from creating a life you love. 

It should be a tool that helps you get there. Yet, if you're like most people, it may not feel that way.

You started your business to have more time and money freedom. But many days it feels like you're being pulled in so many directions that you end up winging it. 

Yep, as an entrepreneur, I know that feeling of spinning your wheels and being stuck at a certain set point.

It wasn't until I turned my finances around over a decade ago and began studying the science behind how we thrive that I figured out why we have so much stress around our finances. 

  • We follow strategies that don’t work with how we’re wired.
  • We don't align our money decisions and daily tasks (both at home and in business) with who we are, and what we want most.
  • We miss a few key activities we need to be doing. For example, we focus on income but not the things that can bring us wealth or freedom instead of overwhelm.
  • We have money beliefs and patterns that hold us back.

What I also know is that you can turn it around and make massive changes in your finances and business the moment you choose to.

As a financial coach, I can help you get strategic so your activities move the meter in your business and life, and show you how to go from money stress to confidently creating and enjoying more financial stability and freedom.

To get started, grab your free guide "Your Path to Money Freedom."


"Robyn found some big money leaks we didn't know we had and helped us make changes that started paying off immediately. "

Stephanie K.
Boutique Clothing Sales

"Robyn makes finances much less intimidating and helps you focus on enjoying your life while you build your nest egg. I use the phrase 'mindful spending' a lot now. "

Kelly F.

"Robyn helped me overhaul my mindset, which changed how I approach my business and finances. She'll tell you straight up what you need to hear but may not want to. "

Michael B.
Art Studio Owner